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Thioxy Pro


Thioxy Pro contains special strains to control toxic metabolites like hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrite, methane etc., effectively to maintain a stabilized system for Aquaculture.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas is highly toxic to shrimp and fish, and can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds.

Thioxy Pro has the strong ability to grow both in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Under aerobic conditions, this strain grows using nitrate and simple carbon materials for energy. Paracoccus grows and multiplies when applied into the pond and eventually becomes part of the natural pond bottom material. When conditions in the pond begin to get anaerobic, the Paracoccus switches to its anaerobic metabolism and oxidizes H2S.

Key Benefits :
  • Reduces obnoxious Hydrogen Sulfide effectively
  • Reduces of BOD and COD.
  • Improves soil quality and reduces the toxicity of ponds.
  • Improves FCR, Stabilizes pH, helps in balancing ecology in the pond.
  • Eliminates malodour in the ponds as well as off-flavor.
    • Weight increase ( 9%)
    • Growth Increase (10%)
    • Survival increase (20%)
    • FCR decrease (22%)
    • Yield Increase (30%)
  • Paracoccus Pentotrophus
  • Pediococcus acidolacti
  • Streptococcus fecalis
  • Clostridum butyricum
  • Potency: 3 Billion cfu/gm
Dosage :
During soil preparation 2 Kg / Hectare
Prevention 1 Kg / Hectare after every 10 days
Treatment 2 Kg / Hectare for 3 days
Shelf life & Storage :

24 months from the date of manufacture.
Storage : Store in a cool dark place and protect from sunlight

Presentation :

1 Kg

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