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Combination of Sodium Per carbonate (SPC) & Sodium Perforate Monohydrate (SPB) For Emergency Dissolved Oxygen (DO) demand in Aquaculture ponds

Key benefits

• One of the easily degradable water disinfectants that can be used in both conventional and organic aquaculture production systems are sodium per carbonate (SPC) and sodium perforate Monohydrate and are also referred to as “Emergency Oxygen Granules.”
• The product has documented anti­parasitic effects , controls unwanted algae growth and has sanitizing properties and liberates oxygen during its decomposition.
• Immediately after the addition of OXYFOSTER to the water, hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic matter and bacteria in the sediment. During the enzymatic breakdown of H2O2, oxygen is formed, which is seen as micro bubbles emerging from the bottom/ sediment. This process may help in liberating organic matter and debris from the bottom, which is another apparent, beneficial property of this product.
• The water quality is momentarily deteriorated as a result of this, and some decomposition products (flocculated material, particulate organic matter) may accumulate on the surface following the water treatment procedure
• OXYFOSTER can be used to improve water quality by the indirect addition of oxygen and associated elimination of bacteria.


Sodium per carbonate, sodium perforate monohydrate, Binder and activator.


1-2 kg/acre daily (As prescribed by the Aqua Technical Consultant)

Shelf life & Storage:

24 months from the date of manufacture. Store in a cool, dry place. Caution: Highly oxidizing agent, keep away from moisture and sunlight. Storage: Store in a dry and dark place.


10 Kg Bucket

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