Broad Spectrum Virucidal Disinfectant ViraNull is a powerful formulation effective against all types of pathogenic bacteria, fungus, protozoa and a proven disinfectant effective against wide range of aquatic pathogens including viruses like WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus), MBV ( Monodon Baculo Virus) and Bacteria including Vibrio species. It does not affect the dissolved oxygen levels, […]

CONQUER-P BKC 80% (1L and 5L)

A Novel MultiMineral Mixture For Aquaculture BKC 80% is a powerful disinfectant specialized for prevention and treatment of bacterial infections on shrimp. It can also promote good water quality, inhabit algae growth and kill fungus Best solution for rot tail & gum diseases. BKC 80% is one of the broad spectrum disinfectants used in aquaculture. […]