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CONQUER-P BKC 80% (1L and 5L)

A Novel MultiMineral Mixture For Aquaculture

BKC 80% is a powerful disinfectant specialized for prevention and treatment of bacterial infections on shrimp. It can also promote good water quality, inhabit algae growth and kill fungus Best solution for rot tail & gum diseases. BKC 80% is one of the broad spectrum disinfectants used in aquaculture. In aquaculture it is used reduce the concentration of plankton and dinoflagellates in closed pond systems. BKC 80% can be used under a wide range of pH conditions. Effective in reducing substrate odour, sludge and algae.

Key Benefits :
  • CONQUER-P has a dual action of catalyzing the growth through molting process, and also disinfecting the ponds.
  • CONQUER-P contains high ratio quaternary ammonium compounds so that it has rapid biological actions.
  • CONQUER-P works in a wide range of pH, it has work effectively even in hard water has a long residual activity
  • CONQUER-P effectively conquer on bacterial, protozoal, fungal & viral diseases like tail rot & gill diseases.
  • CONQUER-P accelerates the growth rate in prawn & shrimp by bringing impressive moulting.
  • CONQUER-P deodourizes and purifies the pond water.
  • CONQUER-P effective disinfectant against the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms like zoothamnium
Composition :

Alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride – 80%

Dosage & Application :
Shrimp/Prawn ponds 4-5 litres/ha(1 metre water depth)
Fish Ponds 2-4 litres/ha(1 and ½ metre water depth)

Dilute BKC 80% with pond water and spread evenly pond, aerate vigorously. Apply during hot weather for better results or as advised by aqua technician.

Storage & Caution :

Storage Store in a cool dark place and protect from sunlight. Avoid direct contact of concentrated solution with skin, eyes and clothing. If contacted Flush immediately with clean water.

Shelf life :

Best before 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Presentation :

1L and 5L

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