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Superior PS(5L & 20L)

SUPERIOR PS Leftover feed, fecal matter, shrimp exo-skeleton and dead algae gets degraded through microbial action and release toxic gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide that are toxic to shrimp. Ammonia and sulfide deteriorates the water quality and causes stress to the shrimp and fish. Key benefits • SUPERIOR PS reduces build-up of toxic […]


AMMONIX is specifically designed for the control of gases and their odorous reaction in aqua culture ponds. It is a combination of beneficial bacteria, their fermentation extracts and Yucca Schidigera. Key Benefits : AMMONIX reduces or eliminates toxic ammonia, H2S and other noxious gases. AMMONIX degrades organic waste. AMMONIX detoxifies pond water AMMONIX increases survival […]

Thioxy Pro

PROBIOTIC FOR H2S CONTROL Thioxy Pro contains special strains to control toxic metabolites like hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrite, methane etc., effectively to maintain a stabilized system for Aquaculture. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas is highly toxic to shrimp and fish, and can cause rapid and massive mortalities in aquaculture ponds. Thioxy Pro has the strong ability […]

Nitro Redox

Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2) are the common toxic forms of nitrogen in semi-intensive and intensive culture system where their level increases exponentially over time even with frequent water exchange. Nitrite causes dissolved oxygen stress to shrimp and fish by reducing the oxygen affinity. Hydrogen sulfide released by degrading organic matter at the pond bottom […]


[Immunostimulant for shrimp] Shrimp post larvae when stocked in ponds are exposed to varying environmental conditions that cause stress to animals. Stress due to biotic and abiotic factors make the animals weak and susceptible to diseases leading to reduced feed intake and growth. Mass mortality due to diseases cause huge economic loss to the farmers. […]


Ecocure is specially formulated for super-intensive and semi-intensive shrimp and fish culture systems that contain high organic loads. Ecocure is a unique blend of Probiotic bacteria that are active in converting toxic metabolites such as ammonia, nitrite and sulfide to non-toxic forms. Ecocure degrades the detritus and residual feed accumulated in the pond bottom and […]


[For White gut and EHP/AHPND] Shrimp pathogens such as Vibrio spp., Aeromonas spp. and Microsporidia affect the hepatopancreas that leads to poor digestion of feed, impaired assimilation, slow growth, white feces and mortality. This causes huge economic loss to the farmers. Key benefits • DIGEST-WF controls the harmful bacteria and parasites • DIGEST-WF rejuvenates the […]


[Gut Probiotics, Vitamins & Enzymes for shrimp] Shrimps have a poor immune system when compared to fish. They lack immunological memory and are totally dependent on natural or non-specific immunity. To enhance the immune responses in shrimps against pathogens, use of probiotics and a healthy nutrient supplement is essential. GITPRO-SR serves as a probiotic; immuno-stimulant […]